How to Avoid getting a Dart Charge Penalty Fine (PCN)

Drivers have to pay the Dartford Crossing toll before midnight on the day of using the crossing. Failure to do this will result in a fine of up to £105 for each crossing. Below are ways to avoid the dart charge penalty in the first place. Also you can find out what to do if you have received a PCN.

Use the crossing between 10pm and 6am

Some drivers are unaware that using the Dartford Crossing during these hours requires not payment. If possible try to make your journey between these hours.

Charges apply in each direction

If you use the QE2 bridge and the tunnel, you need to pay for both times. Each time you use the crossing there is a fee so if you go through it multiple times per day then you need to pay for each crossing.

Pay in advance

If you plan on using Dartford Crossing in the future, you can pre-pay to avoid any headaches. For example you may be heading to the airport and it may be the case that you do not have it at the top of your mind to pay. Plan ahead and pay ahead.

Receive an extra 14 days to pay the original toll

If this is your first time getting a PCN then you will be given a 14-day grace period to pay the original charge rather than the full fine.

Pay early, save money

You may have a fine that is in fact correct and appealing it will not work. The best thing to do in this situation is to pay the fine early. Instead of paying £70 you can pay £35 if you do so within 14 days of getting the noticed. If, however, you do not pay within 28 days the fine will jump to £105.

Lodge an appeal

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras used on the Dartford cross that triggers charges against a vehicle have had some issues before. The ANPR cameras can have trouble with recognising C and G on number plates which causes wrongful fines to be issued. See how to appeal your Dart Charge penalty.