Dart Charge FAQ

Dartford Charge Times

The Dartford toll applies between 6am and 10pm, with every vehicle required to pay. The exact fee varies depending on the type of vehicle being driven.

It’s free to make the Thames crossing using the Dartford Tunnel or Queen Elizabeth II Bridge between 10pm and 6am.

How long do I have to pay?

When you use the crossing, you have until midnight the day after you cross to pay the toll. Payments can also be made online up to a year before making the crossing.

Dartford Crossing late payment fine

If you forget to pay the Dart Charge on time, there is a £70 fine, reduced to £35 if paid within a 14 days – if you fail to pay within 28 days, it increases to £105.

This fine applies to each individual crossing, so if you make a return trip and forget to pay for both journeys, you could be liable for a total fine of £210.

If you think a penalty charge notice (PCN) is wrong, you may be able to make a Dart Charge appeal to an independent tribunal. However, you’ll need to challenge the ticket first by making a ‘representation’ with Dart Charge within 28 days.

See how you can avoid a PCN.  You can also check our Appeal PCN page.

Are there dart charges for cyclists?

You cannot cycle through the the Dartford tunnels or over the QE2 bridge. However, there is a dedicated shuttle service that can be used. Here are the details:

  • There is no need to book in advance.
  • It is a free service.

Follow these instructions to get your bike over Dartford Crossing:

#1 Go to Kent Point or Essex Point. These are the addresses:

Kent Point (See on map):

Crossings Office Roundabout

South Orbital Road,

Dartford, Kent, DA1 5PR

Essex Point (See on map):

859 London Road,

Grays, Essex, RM20 3AT

#2 Follow the signs to a yellow phone.

#3 Use the phone to arrange a pick-up. The phone is a direct line too.

#4 Wait in the designated area for pick-up.

#5 A vehicle will arrive to shuttle you across.

These are the operating days and hours of the cycle crossing:

7 days a week between the following hours:

3am – 9am

10:30am – 2pm

3pm – 9pm

10:30pm – 2am

It takes around 15 minutes to wait for a pick-up, however, this depends on congestion.

Note: That groups of more than 3 bikes or non-standard bikes need to make bookings in advance.